Choice and Prime Beef Steaks
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Choice and Prime Beef Steaks

All cuts are USDA graded choice or prime unless otherwise specified.

steak-burger STEAK BURGERS 100% chopped steak patties, no fillers. These very lean, tasty masterpieces are perfect for grilling or any ground beef needs.

ground-beef-steak CHOPPED STEAK / GROUND BEEF Individual one pound packages of ground steak. Convenient, and perfect for any recipe that calls for one pound of ground beef. No fillers, byproducts or additives. Pure ground sirloin.

culotte-steak CULOTTE STEAK USDA PRIME A prime cut of top cap steak that is completely trimmed. This cut has quickly become our most popular Prime steak selection. A must try! Cooks up like a New York Strip but is much heartier in flavor. Food bloogers and national news sources are raving about this affordable but outstanding cut of beef. USDA PRIME

filet-mignon-steak-pieces FILET MIGNON STEAK PIECES One pound packages of tender chunks of filet mignon steak. Perfect for stroganoff, stir-fry, kabobs, or an exceptional stew. USDA CHOICE

filet-mignon-steaks FILET MIGNON STEAKS (The absolute finest!) Corn-fed, beautifully marbled center cut filet mignon steak aged to perfection for tenderness, and completely trimmed so that there is no waste. An obvious choice for a gourmet home meal or a great choice for a corporate gift. USDA CHOICE

filet-mignon-tail-steak FILET MIGNON TAIL STEAK Each tail of the tenderloin completely trimmed. Unbelievably tender with no waste. Can be marinated, grilled, pan-fried, or broiled. Our best selling beef item. A must try! USDA CHOICE

New-York-Strip-Steak PRIME NEW YORK STRIP STEAK Tender, corn-fed, beautifully marbled and aged to perfection these center cut New York Strip steaks are among the finest available. Our product is the same cut used by over half the country's finest steakhouses.

New-York-Strip-Steak 12oz ANGUS NEW YORK STRIP A special size and a special value. This center cut beauty is our best value in the New York Strip line. A hearty steak in size and flavor. Split it between two steak lovers for smaller portions.

ribeye-steak RIBEYE STEAK / DELMONICO STEAK A naturally juicy boneless steak that is hearty and robust in flavor. Extensive marbeling. CERTIFIED USDA PRIME

skirt-steak SKIRT STEAK Thin steaks (approximately 1/2 inch thick) that are heavily marbled, and unbelievably flavorful. Traditionally used for beef fajita strips, but are excellent when marinated or seasoned, and grilled. USDA CHOICE

tri-tip-steak TRI TIP STEAK ROAST A marinated boneless steak roast, very similar to a london broil, but much more tender. Keep pink in center and slice against the grain. USDA CHOICE

porterhouse-steak PORTERHOUSE STEAK "The best of both worlds." The filet mignon steak and New York strip steak held together with a T-Bone, USDA CHOICE.

Bison-burger BISON BURGERS / BUFFALO BURGERS "Tastes like beef" with virtually no fat, cholesterol, or carbs. 100% pure bison meat. (Be sure not to overcook; they're extremely lean).

filet-mignon-steaks PRIME SIRLOIN FILET This steak mimics a Filet Mignon in appearance, but has the full flavor of strip with tenderness falling in between. Great for entertaining or for a family gathering. Hand trimmed for a waste free meal.

Pot_Roast.jpg COOKED POT ROAST This fully cooked Angus pot roast is extremely tender and full of flavor. Comes with an ample amount of savory gravy. Add cooked carrots and potatoes for a complete meal.

bone in ribeye.jpg 18 OZ. BONE IN RIB EYE U.S.D.A. PRIME Also known as a "Cowboy Steak" this hand cut selection will make you the king of the grill. A hearty portion that rivals any of America's best steakhouses. Incredible marbling and tenderness.

flank-steak FLANK STEAK Lean #1 choice Flank Steak. Great for grilling or cut against the grain for fajitas! Best served medium rare to medium.